Vibora Bay (B)


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Welcome to scenic Vibora Bay! One of the Gulf Coast’s largest and most exciting cities, it’s a center of commerce, culture, tourism… and strange goings-on.

Vibora Bay details this fascinating city, which maintains unusual traditions of mysticism and religion alongside modern technology and habits. With its eclectic inhabitants and frequent paranormal incidents, it holds a lot of attraction for superheroes — and supervillains. Vibora Bay includes:

— a complete history of the city, from pre-colonial days to the present… including a secret history for the heroes to uncover!

— a description of the city and surrounding region, with detailed maps

— information about daily life in the city, including its unusual traditions and mystic phenomena

— nearly twenty new superheroes (including such stalwarts as Black Mask, Dr. Ka, Juryrig, and the enigmatic Robert Caliburn) and supervillains (like the unliving assassin Deadman Walkin’ and the members of the bizarre Cirque Sinister)

— a GM’s Vault containing all the true and secret information about Vibora Bay and its inhabitants, so players can use the book without learning any of the “GM only” information the Gamemaster plans to create adventures with.


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