Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor (B)


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The robed bureaucrat looks up from the table and gazes on all of you before proceeding. «Ah, I see you decided to accept this mission. In your search for the bandit leader Cragen you need to be aware of a few things.» Pointing to a mountain on the map, he says, «Here is a particularly nasty little cult worshipping some dead god.» He pauses, then continues, «Angall is the god’s name, I believe. Also be aware that we have reports that there is a raiding party of amazons. I believe their leader is looking for her mother who disappeared in the area twenty years ago.»

The bureaucrat rolls up the map and hands it to you, then turns to open an old book. «I don’t know if this is of any relevance, but it appears that there are ancient accounts of a Great Wyrm from the days of the First Men.» Slamming the book shut he looks at all of you. “I would be careful in poking around in any caves or dungeons. You have your mission. Find Cragen and the reward is yours. That is all.»

Do your heroes dare to enter Fortress Badabaskor? Deadly brigands, vicious cultists, and the dusty treasures of the Dragon Kings await those with muscle, wit, and luck. Defeat these challenges to uncover the dark secret of Badabaskor – a secret that will challenge even the most experienced of adventurers…


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