The Shop (B)


Suplemento en inglés para Shadowforce Archer (SpyCraft)

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The agenda is evolution. The failsafe is extinction.

For two years, the Archer Conspiracy has scoured the world, searching for the reason the Shop’s gadgeteers broke away from their ranks. Fighting off the villain organization’s overtly violent (and seemingly senseless) advances at every turn, agents of the world’s shadow communities grapple with the looming certainty of a master plan they cannot see. Now, they’re about to discover the truth in his 128-page sourcebook that lays bare the Shop’s innermost workings, its goals, and unexpected motivations, all driven by fan response through the SFA Interactive campaign!

Shop Goals and Discoveries — Defined by the Players! Join the SFA Interactive campaign to take part the first player-created villain organization!

Betrayers’ Return! Dennis Gray levels a powerful new weapon upon the world and launches a full-scale assault against the Archer Conspiracy!

Core SFA Supplement! The seventh release for the ongoing SFA Interactive campaign. Learn what’s happened in the setting since the African Alliance Chamber Book and uncover Villain X’s true identity!

Climax Episode! The Shop hatches a brutal plan of global proportions and your agents have only one chance to stave off disaster, this time with the lives of literally millions hanging in the balance!

The Secret History of Dr. Avery Schillingsfield! Learn secrets previously known only by the infamous Helix, and his ultimate intentions for Lodge!

Advanced Gadget Design Rules! Design a mentalist gadgeteer and construct the ultimate super-science device!

Superspies in Space! Rules for playing in Zero G environments, with the gear and vehicles to match.

Weapons of Mass Destruction! Guidelines and mechanics for including nuclear weapons, chemical attacks, and other large-scale attacks in your games without destroying the entire world.

Tools of Domination! Shop resources, training, gadgets, and vehicles!

Villain Community! New regions of the world’s criminal populations defined, with group descriptions, backgrounds, and relations, plus new options for the GC!

Customizable Villains! New villain roles, departments, feats, skill uses, and NPC classes for all three villain layers!

New Threats! Three new villainous masterminds with henchmen, minions, and foils, ready to drop into any SFA campaign!

New Locations! Track down and storm the betrayers’ secret headquarters and foil their ultimate plot!

Countless New Missions, and new Hook Sheets!


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