The Sea Demon’s Gold (5e)


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The Heart of the Haunted Sea

The adventurers are on a storm-wracked ship, seeking the island of a long-forgotten, abandoned temple to the Sea Demon. An extinct people sacrificed wealth and their own criminals and rulers there to quell the demon’s wrath. Untold treasure is said to just be lying there. Are your heroes bold or ruthless enough to claim it?

Written by Shane Ivey and illustrated by Kurt Komoda, The Sea Demon’s Gold is an adventure for the Fifth Edition of the world’s most popular fantasy role-playing game. Its encounters are built to take five adventurers from 1st to 2nd level—if they are brave enough to face the temple’s dangers. Each encounter includes tips for handling significantly stronger or weaker parties. The Sea Demon’s Gold is a standalone adventure that can be placed into any campaign.

The Sea Demon’s Gold can be played in any fantasy world you choose. It also makes the perfect introduction to the Broken Empire, a world of ancient mysteries, perils, power, and corruption featured in the Swords & Sorceries adventure line by Arc Dream Publishing.


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