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Return to Freeport (golpeado)

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A mysterious plague of curses spreads across the infamous City of Adventure. When a small band of brave new heroes steps up to investigate, they find themselves facing a tide of insidious plots that promises the end of Freeport itself – at the hands of its ancient enemies.

Designed to take four characters from 1st to 12th-level, Return to Freeport will turn a part of wet-behind-the-ears heroes into a crew of salty veterans. Inside this campaign-launching super-adventure, you’ll find:

• Six interconnected adventures crafted by veteran game designers and gathered here for the first time:
‣ Curse of the Brine Witch by Patrick O’Duffy
‣ The Abyssinial Chain by Crystal Frasier
‣ Storming the Razor Caves by Stephen Radney-MacFarland
‣ The Freebooter’s City by Jody Macgregor
‣ A Storm of Sails by David N. Ross
‣ Traitor’s End by Jason Keeley

• Full stat blocks for over forty new NPCs and monsters, including the dire prawn, fighting cockerel, and mermedusa.

• Deck plans and stats to give you full command of the Eth Abaddon, a mystical sailing ship driven by a powerful air elemental.

• Sidebars and handouts providing rumors, lore, and other important information to characters who possess Knowledge (Local) and/or seek to Gather Information.

• Simplified rules for naval combat, offering a streamlined option for ship-to-ship engagements.

Designed for use with Pathfinder RPG and Freeport: The City of Adventure.


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