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What’s a good hero without a great villain to oppose him? For truly exciting Pulp Hero adventures, you need just the right villains, and that’s what Masterminds And Madmen gives you: over 80 Pulp villains ranging from world-threatening master criminals to petty crooks suitable for one-on-one battles with your heroes. No matter what type of Pulp Hero campaign you’re running, Masterminds And Madmen has just the villains you need! It includes:

• five masterminds: the insidious Dr. Fang and his Legion of Crime; the Skymaster (plus his enormous Skyfortress and deadly Airmada); the mysterious Crimson Wraithe; the Geistkapitän and his undead U-boat crew; and the ruthless Iron Claw
• four organizations: the shadowy profiteers of the Cabal; the gun-toting hoods of the Coletti Mob; the evil Cult of the Nine Degrees; and the freaks of the Frankenstein Mob
• three dozen solo villains: swindlers and con men, mad scientists armed with world-threatening Weird Science devices, junior-grade masterminds and crimelords, jungle princesses, Nazi and Bolshevik spies and saboteurs, pirate queens, cat burglars, mob hitmen, and lots more

Even better, each villain comes with plot seeds, suggestions on how to use him in your campaign, and other useful information. So tell your heroes to get ready — it’s time for them to face the Masterminds And Madmen!


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