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Fantasy Hero Battlegrounds is a collection of locations and adventures for Fantasy Hero, each focusing on a place you can use repeatedly in your campaign. You can run the scenarios individually, or as part of a single story arc. Do your heroes have what it takes to survive:

– A Night Out Of The Rain, when taking refuge at a lonely roadside inn proves more dangerous than braving the storm outside

– From Out Of The Depths, in which a search for missing miners leads to a confrontation with a strange alien horror, and

– Eisburk-Beyond-The-Shoals, where they must help an isolated castel fend off a siege by a large army of orcs and goblins

Fantasy Hero Battlegrounds also feature eight more locations suitable for any campaign: an abbey; a manor house; an ifrit’s bottle; a tavern; an alchemist’s shop; a prison; a farmhouse; amd a wizard’s tower. Each location comes with detailed maps, NPCs, and plot seeds.

No matter how powerful your heroes, Fantasy Hero Battlegrounds has adventures they’ll enjoy!


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