Daredevils (B)


Role Playing Action and Adventure in the Two-Fisted Thirties

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In this game you become a hero. You think for him or her and use your character’s skills to solve the problem or overcome the obstacle at hand. These problems and obstacles are developed by a referee (called the Gamesmaster). He or she arbitrates all situations using both the rules and personal judgement. DAREDEVILS is a game of action, adventure and imagination.

Your Character is a hero. A cloaked avenger, a technological wizard, a hard-boiled detective, a reckless soldier-of- fortune… each is a possibility. You can draw upon the great pulp magazines, the old movie serials, classic radio programs and even modern films set in the period. DAREDEVILS provides full rules for creating your hero… his or her attributes, skills and gear. Optional rules allow for the special powers and high-technology gimmicks used by many of the prototype heroes. Provision is even made for the uncanny luck of these redoubtable protagonists.

The rules for DAREDEVILS are your gateway to action and adventure. New comers to role playing games will find helpful hints on good play. Experienced gamers will find a selection of advanced and optional rules to add on to the basic rulcs for increased complexity and detail of simulation.

Herein is also contained a separate booklet, DAREDEVIL ADVENTURES, which presents several scenarios. Each situation is designed to introduce various aspects of the rules as well as provide a period flavor and a full dose of excitement. You may solve a murder, embark on a globe-spanning adventure, or become embroiled in the plans of an insidious mastermind.


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