Blue Planet Pack (B)


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*NOTA: Hay 2 libros de la primera edición y 1 de la 2º edición.

  • Blue Planet 1st
  • Archipelago 1st
  • First Colony 2nd

In 2199, Poseidon is a planet of company boom towns and corporate mining facilities, native settlements and orbiting factories. Life is hard, fast, and amphibious. Frontier law prevails as G.E.O. Marshals try to protect native rights and enforce Incorporate regulations. The aborigines remain a mystery, yet are blamed for increasingly frequent acts of sabotage and carnage. Sea floor installations are guarded by squadrons of fighter subs, and corporate takeovers often involve marine assault teams. The natives have grown to hate the Incorporate and fear for their new world as environmental extremists incite ecological warfare in defense of the planet. Always new colonists flood in, hoping for a better life, as ruthless opportunists scavenge what they can. And, lost in the background, scientists preach caution, claiming there is something wrong, something strange going on below the water’s surface . . .


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