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Adventures in the East Mark – Basic Rule Set (golpeadas)

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Full Color Red Box Set

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Welcome to the East Mark, young adventurer. I know it was not easy to get here but just consider the rewards: the wondrous treasures, the power and the glory that await you.

It will not be easy to accomplish all of them; indeed nothing is easy in the East Mark. You will have to work your way with your sword and your cunning.

Ha! I knew you would like that. Here, take the map and the precise instructions so you can survive a world full of adventures.

Be prepared to meet legendary characters and battle horrible monsters in dark dungeons or impregnable fortresses. I hope you have what you need. And no, I am not referring to your weapons or your faithful companions, although they will certainly be necessary. I was referring to something more important, something essential: your imagination!

Perfect! Now you are ready. Open this box and venture into the East Mark. The glory is inside, what are you waiting for?

This box contains:

1 Basic Rule Book

1 Narrator Screen

7 Dice (1d20,1d12,2d10,1d8,1d6,1d4)

1 Pencil


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