Ultimate Prestige Classes Vol.1 (EX)


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This book classifies prestige classes in six broad categories. Way of the Warrior explores classes whose focus is fighting, pure and simple. Even if enhanced by magic or other abilities, combat is what moves and motivates these characters. Secrets of the Arcane features a plethora of wizard and sorcerer variants, new areas of magic or sources of arcane power. The Power of Faith is devoted to those classes that draw power from the commitment they have with an external power, be it a deity, an ideal or a natural force. By Wits and Skill is a collection of classes that rely on extraordinary abilities, on their savvy and general know-how to get them out of trouble or carry them to success. Mind Over Matter explores the power of psionics and the mysteries surrounding those talented with the power of the mind. Finally, Monstrous Paths gives players and Games Masters a look at how some monstrous races can and do create special training to give those pesky adventurers a nasty surprise.


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