The Hand of Glory (B)


Suplemento en inglés para Shadowforce Archer (Splycraft)


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In 1945, victory was seized from the jaws of the greatest evil of the 20th Century. Now, a new threat rises from the ashes of the Nazi regime, a criminal organization with dreams of global domination powered by the might of a living god. Wielding the greatest and most feared powers of the ancients and the unearthed power of countless mystic relics, the Hand of Glory stand poised to topple the delicate balance the Archer Foundation so desperately fights to protect. Only your agents stand between the world and a terrifying Fourth Reich bent on re-engineering the world in the image of a fallen occult empire! This 96-page sourcebook contains everything needed to create and run Hand of Glory threats, from the shock troops in its lowest ranks to the diabolists and war criminals commanding them, as well as the seemingly immortal Eva Kraus and her inner circle of power. This book is also the first in-depth guide to the mystic world of Series Archer, which few ever see, and even fewer control. New details about Hand of Glory territories are included, with focus on the organization’s central bases of operation, the icy wastes of Antarctica and the darkest corners of South America.


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