The Drow War Pack (EX)


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*NOTA: Uno de ellos tiene una pegatina en la contraportada. Forrados con forro adhesivo. Tiene un sello en la parte interior de la portada de un antiguo grupo de rol.

The Saga of the Drow, Book One: The Gathering Storm is the first in a linked series of three 256-page books. Each one contains a single epic story broken into ten parts, thus making thirty discrete adventures in total, all tied in to one overarching saga.

The adventures are structured to take the characters concerned from first level to thirtieth level. Each book covers a span of ten levels, meaning that every adventure will (if completed successfully) advance the characters by approximately one level of experience. Naturally, this outcome is not guaranteed, nor is the progress going to be one long grind!

The Saga of the Drow begins with a mysterious summoning to a stone circle in the north of the island of Chillhame, close to a fishing village that is about the most unremarkable place on earth. As the Players explore their surroundings and learn more about why they have been brought here, helping the local villagers and finding out about ancient legends, they are abruptly plunged into a burgeoning war. A long-exiled evil has been brooding beneath Chillhame and now its armies seek to march on the surface.

With little time to lose, the Players must bear the proof of the coming invasion to the villages of Chillhame, ultimately presenting themselves to the council of mighty Saragost, the walled seaport city. Even then, their work is not done, as they are sent to bring the alert to several settlements that have been mysteriously quiet of late…


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