Space Master Pack (C)


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*NOTA: Pack compuesto por:

  • Space Master, mucho desgaste exterior.
  • Vessel COmpendium #3, desgaste exterior.
  • Armores Assault, cierto desgaste exterior.

ICE’s comprehensive science fiction RPG, Space Master, has been reformatted into a single book. It still contains all of the components that made it critically acclaimed by players and industry figures alike. The material in this version is identical to that in the Boxed Seoond Edition.

The Space Master system is usable in a variety of SF environments, from a dark near future of post-holocaust Earth, to a culture of high-tech exploration, to a distant time where civilization has fallen to superstitious ruin. Space Master can also be integrated with Rolemaster used together they set the stage, for sweeping, coherent, science-fantasy and multi-genre campaigns.

Space Master contains:
• A «Combat Tables» Section: All of the attack and critical tables are duplicated on heavy-stock paper, that is easily removable for use during play.
• The «Star Map» Insert: A full-color, poster-sized star map detailing the territory of the Terran Empire.

The «GM Book» Section:
• Natural Laws: Generation rules for solar systems, planets, cultures, businesses, and scenarios.
• Imperial Laws: A wealth of information about Terran Empire 9,000 years in the future.
• A Complete, Starting Adventure.

The «Player Book» Section:
Character Generation: Details on 120 skills and 17 professions, including Planetologists, Starship Pilots, and Telepathy.
• Combat and Maneuver guidelines for characters and vehicles provide fast-paced excitement and realism.
• Telepathy: More than 500 Psions from 4 different Fields of Telepathy arranged in 24 lists.

The «Tech Book» Section:
• Personal Weapons & Armor: 20 types of personal armor and over 100 weapons, from clubs to Plasma Repeator Rifles.
• Equipment: One of the most exhaustive compilations of future equipment anywhere.
• Humanoid Constructs:
Androids, Alterant Replicants and Robots.
• Vehicles: A variety of different ships, many with detailed technical illustrations.


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