Pan-Asian Collective (B)


Suplemento en inglés para Shadowforce Archer (Spycraft)

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Their agents have been seeded in every government, shadow community, and Chamber – up to and including the Archer Foundation. What was once a routine exercise in precaution is now one of most powerful weapons on Earth. The only questions are: how will it be used? Whose blood will be spilled?

Mind Games and Martial Arts Madness! Discover how the Pan-Asian Collective infiltrates then subverts the best-protected enemies of the Archer Conspiracy.

Secrets of the Shop! The countdown to the climax of the biggest storyline yet starts here!

Hard-Boiled Hong Kong Espionage and Incredible Anime Action! From stupendous stunts in high-tech Tokyo to combats of honor and steel in the mountains of mainland China and desperate races through the jungles of India, this book covers all the Asian spy genres.

The next step in Dareka’s storyline! Follow the PAC’s foremost feature NPC on a journey of self-discovery… and ultimate revelation.


New Departments! Build a counterintelligence expert protecting the Conspiracy from all outside threats, an ardent student of Wong Fei Hung, or a sleeper or deep cover agent lingering in the enemy’s ranks until the end game.

New Base Class! Gain the unparalleled spiritual power of the Ancients as a disciplined Martial Artist!

New Prestige Classes! Become a traditional Shinobi, a modern Tech-Ninja, an insurgent Mole, or one of the PAC’s internal Controls, the shielding Dai Lo.

New agent options! New backgrounds, feats, skill uses, bundles and gear options, and gadgets.

NPC classes! Visit the old masters. Learn to mow down waves of mooks! Dodge lethal injections, blowfish stings, and other tools of assassins and hired hit men! Engage in hand to hand combat with pajama-clad killers in this quintessential guide to anime espionage villains.

New Threats! Three new villainous masterminds, their henchmen, minions, and foils, fully fleshed out – ready to drop into any SFA campaign.

The secret history of the Pan-Asian Collective! Follow Wong Fei-Hung’s travels through wartime Asia and into the earliest meetings of the Archer Conspiracy. Dive beneath the floorboards to learn where current PAC Control Tien-Kai Tsong buried all the bodies.

New Pan-Asian Collective allies, mission protocols and resources, new rules and techniques for assassination and poison, and everything needed to play a Collective agent or campaign.

Dozens of new plot hooks. Two new Hook Sheets!

Two new location maps! Speed through the waterways of Hong Kong or unearth the mysteries of the Lost Palace of Hyberabad, including occultist henchmen, shock troop minions, and much more. Choose from many new prestige classes, new feats, new gadgets, new vehicles, and many powerful new mystic relics, as well as a few surprises you’ll have to see when you buy the book!

Complete Campaign Support! Dozens of new plot hooks and two new Hook Sheets – just pick up the dice and start playing!

New Locations! Two new location maps – one for chases and one for campaign play.

Tools of Destruction! Powerful new relics, rituals, and creatures, each with complete mechanics and backstory! Complete guidelines for pitting your agents against the sorcerous mystic hunters of the Hand of Glory!


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