Mutant Chronicles Warzone – Universe Under Siege (B)


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*NOTA: Esquinas muy dobladas.

Warzone: Universe Under Siege is a comprehensive 25mm skirmish battle system designed. Set in the violent retro-world of science fiction the game is designed for two or more players. Universe Under Siege uses all the miniatures from the original Warzone and the new design and structure greatly enhances the strategy and tactics of the players. The game requires a 20-sided dice for simplicity and ease with an unprecedented level of flexibility and realism.

Inside this complete game you will find:
– A complete and thorough history of the Mutant Chronicles Setting written by some of the industries best talents.
– A dynamic game system that, while easy to learn, provides an evolving level of strategy.
– Fifteen complete army lists with vehicles and artillery.
– Alternate activation and separate activation of squads.
– Expanded Art, Dark Symmetry and Ki Powers.
– Scenarios and Campaign rules.
– Fantastic artwork.


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