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Reality has changed in Calandia. The very fabric of the cosmos has torn, and horrors more monstrous than the city-state has ever before suffered threaten the heart of the continent. Contents: Centaurs, Lizardmen, Nagas, and Pixies Character Books; GM’s Maps: Full-color, full-size map of the city of Briarwood backed with the Calandian Continent map; Player’s Map: a full size parchment map for players to complete as they adventure; Map & Population Book; Background & Encounter Book; City Guides; Adventure Book.

«You are dying….If you and your friends want to live, you’ll follow my orders…» He speaks to you in a quiet, ominous voice as he stands grimly by your bedside. «You’ll start with the assignment you’ve been given…It stays as ordered..» You feel as if a hot knife has been sunk into your stomach. Your muscles clench and you double over with gut-wrenching pain. «If we don’t conuteract this substance, you will die, painfully, over a period of a few days..» As waves of nausea wash over you, you break out into a cold sweat. You feel weak all over.

Betrayal at Bogwater is the fourth adventure in the Invincible Overlord campaign series. As elite scouts of the Overlord’s army, you are sent to guard the Overlord’s gold shipment on what appears to be a routine assignment. However, the evil spreading throughout Calandia has a profound impact on your mission. For 4-6 Characters of skill levels 3 to 4.

Lake Guidebook is a reference book detailing the Lake District, best known for its bountiful farmlands and great mineral resources of Thormar’s Peak. In the Lake District, mountain dwarves mine gold for the Overlord, nagas engage in intellectual pursuits, and human and shirelings till the soil. Lake Guidebook gives you the flexibility to run your game–describing the district broadly and without unnecessary specifics. All important aspects of this district are covered: Provincial & District Boundaries, Religion & Deities, Clans, Kinships, & Government, Minerals, Terrain, Climate, Flora & Fauna, Towns & Cities, Trade Patterns, Local Institutions, Local Military Units, Important Persons, and New Player Character Class: AVANTAR. This box set is used, but contains all the maps, sheets, pull-outs, etc.


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