Hudson City – The Urban Abyss (B)


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Welcome to Hudson City, pal. Better watch your step. Only the smart and the lucky survive around here. Hudson City: The Urban Abyss describes the (in)famous Pearl City in all its gritty detail, from the glittering skyscrapers of Bankhurst to the grimy, sin-filled streets of the Strip. It’s the perfect setting for your Dark Champions adventures!

Hudson City includes:
—a history of the city from its founding to the present day
—detailed descriptions of all the major neighborhoods in Hudson City, including locations and people of note
—a review of city government and services, from the mayor’s office to the cop on the beat
—a who’s who of Hudson City society and the underworld, with plenty of enemies, adversaries, and rivals for your PCs to encounter during their adventures
—dozens of NPCs, ranging from average joes to powerful crimelords
—gamemastering information and advice
—numerous city and neighborhood maps

Make sure you’ve got enough ammo and are ready for anything… the mean streets of the urban abyss await!


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