Godlike Pack (B)


Godlike + Donar´s Hammer

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*NOTA: El libro básico es de impresión bajo demanda legal de la edición revisada. Esquinas algo dobladas. La aventura Donar´s Hmmer tiene dobleces en las páginas de imprenta que no afectan para nada en su lectura.

GODLIKE is a role-playing adventure game of Allied super-human “Talents” fighting in World War II. Talents possess super-human powers (such as flight, invisibility or teleportation) that set them apart from the normal foot soldier. But unlike the comic-books, GODLIKE is set in a world much like our own.

Talents don’t wear costumes because the snipers would know who to shoot first, and just because you can lift a tank over your head doesn’t make you bulletproof. The brutal reality of combat is that Talents are much more likely to be thrown in the thick of it, and their powers don’t help as much as one might imagine.

Missions reserved for parahuman Talents are often the most dangerous and difficult missions available. Not surprisingly only the smartest, swiftest or luckiest live to fight another day.

GODLIKE is a role-playing game in which the players take the roles of parahuman Talents fighting in World War II. The book includes everything you need to play in a 1940s ripe with super-human intrigue and combat.


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