Gentlemen’s Agreement (B)


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For years, wealth and power have been indelibly linked, and those with fortunes greater than some Third World countries have guided history with a confident hand. Back room deals and secretive bargains determine the fate of men and nations. Now, a gentleman’s agreement and a dangerous game of brinkmanship threaten to plunge the world into disaster. Gentleman’s Agreement contains an entire season of play in one book, featuring several missions that take your agents from the blinding snow fields of Siberia to the murky depths of the Pacific Ocean. Included in this volume are complete backgrounds and statistics for a powerful new threat to the world, plus new locations, gadgets, feats, and an all-new prestige class!


One Complete Season! Take your players through several levels of play with the material in this one volume.

Game Control Expansion! Many original rules and new advice written just for GCs, including a new «scenery-on-the-fly» system and ways to beef up your encounters and offer them greater depth.

Incredible Flexibility! Each mission includes many options to tailor the style of game for your team. Whether they like superspy action, political tension, or comedic spy antics, it’s all here – even options for playing a mission at the height of the Cold War! Play the missions independently or all together, or at your own pace sprinkled through your own campaign!

New Game Options! Many new locations, villains, NPCs, plot hooks, gadgets, feats, and more!


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