Gaslight Victorian Fantasy 2nd

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Ambientación para Savage World


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Battlefield Press, Inc presents Gaslight. A Victorian Fantasy where technology meets sorcery, where fantasy meets history. A world where Humans co-exist with Vampires, where fantasy meets history. Beast Men, Werewolves and Wildlings. A land of secret organizations and hidden agendas. Welcome to a Victorian world of magic, non humans and technology all trying to take their rightful place in society. Meet Vampire Detectives, Beast Men Sheriffs, and Wildling Rogues. Non humans in society exist from their counterparts in Victorian literature. An interesting and unique setting for Savage Worlds.

In Gaslight you will find:

  • A history of Gaslight Earth
  • Five races specific to the setting, including one new one.
  • A host of new general and race-specific edges
  • A Target-Number based Wealth system
  • Rules for Social Standing
  • Weapons and equipment from the Victorian era
  • A Reliquary containing a few artifacts from the history of the Earth of Gaslight.
  • A detailed Gazetteer and Timeline

A Players Guide for the Savage World System published by Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

«Gaslight makes for a fun game, especially with groups already primed for this setting. I
think groups unfamiliar with the time period will also enjoy the additions to Savage Worlds this book contributes.» – Todd Cash; Flames Rising


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