Fantasy Folk (2nd Edition) (C)


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*NOTA: Libro forrado con forro adhesivo.  Alguna mancha de humedad en el lomo superior.

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? From the tiny, winged Ellyllon to treetop-tall Giants, this book brings 24 nonhuman fantasy races to the Generic Universal RolePlaying System. GURPS Fantasy Folkincludes new, expanded versions of such fantasy «standards» as Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, and Halflings, as well as exotica like savage Minotaurs, four-armed Insect Warriors, and magical, mischievous Leprechauns. GURPS Fantasy Folk treats nonhuman races as unique cultures made up of individuals, not as sketchily-defined «monsters.» Each race has its own well-defined psychology, ecology, culture and politics, making it easy for GMs and players to create their own fully-developed nonhuman characters. Also included are campaign notes, adventure seeds, and sample characters for each race. And there are complete rules for generating your own fantasy races! The Fantasy Folk race creation rules allow the GM to customize his nonhumans. Included are racial advantages like Winged Flight and Cultural Adaptability, disadvantages such as Slave Mentality an Invertebrate, and unique racial features like Mindshare and innate skills and magic spells.


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