Elric of Melinoune Pack (EX)


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*NOTA: El Pack incluye: Libros forrado con forro no adhesivo y unido al libro con cinta adhesiva.

  • Elric of Melinobe, hardcover para RQ II
  • Cults of the Young Kindgoms para RQ II
  • Magic of the Young Kingdoms para RQ I
  • Dream Realms para RQ I
  • Cities of the young kingdoms: The South para RQ II
  • Games Masters Screen para RQ II

Enter into the world of Michael Moorcock’s greatest creation: Elric of Melnibone. Using the RuneQuest II rules create your own adventurers to walk abroad in the Young Kingdoms as servants or opponents of the forces of Law and Chaos, or simple souls striving to overcome the terrible fate Prince Elric will inevitably trigger for the world.

Fully updated and revised for RuneQuest II, Elric of Melnibone will transport you to the Young Kingdoms, an eldritch setting providing a wealth of strange places, deadly foes and potent spells for your games. Sail the seas of fate into a demon-haunted world where dragons ride the storm-racked skies and the price of dreams is above rubies. Walk the streets of fabled Elwher, steal the lore of Pan Tang, and cross the Sighing Desert as you quest for eternal Tanelorn.

Starting the new Eternal Champion line, Elric of Melnibone takes players to the Young Kingdoms where dragons fly the skies and chaos reigns!

A copy of the RuneQuest II rulebook is required.


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