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2027. The world’s skies are black with acidic smog, the lakes choked with toxic runoff, and the forests mulched under the treads of corporate bulldozers. Now, it’s time to carry the fight back to the ravagers of our planet as only the Cybergeneration can! And if they don’t win this one, there won’t be anything left to lose…

EcoFront is the first in a series of CYBERGENERATION supplements: The Documents of the Revolution. Each info-packed journal outlines a specific aspect of the CyberRevolution. In this volume, you get the basics on fighting the War for the Environment, with information on various Eco-groups, the state of the ecology, and the tools of bioengineering. You can run a strike with the EcoRaiders or party in a J-Park with the Beastieboys: junior genetic engineers who are rebuilding the ecosphere one species at a time. The battle is now in your hands.

The EcoFront Sourcebook includes:
•An entirely new Evolved type: the Scout.
•Two new Yogangs: the NeoPioneers and the Beastieboys.
•Rules for using animals as friends or foes.
•Info on the progress of the Carbon Plague and hints on where it came from.
•Lots of new technology, gear, and tactics.
•Rules for J-Parks: miniature animal preserves created by the yogangs.
•A complete, multi-part adventure which starts the characters on a quest for their own origins!

So slap on your fatigues, grab your bioscanner, and call your faithful cyberhound, ’cause this is WAR!


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