Armies of the Night (B)


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*NOTA: Tiene pequeñas manchas de humedad en el lomo.

It didn’t sound too bad, at first. Milgov wanted to re-establish what the orders called a «presence» on Manhatten. «Deal with criminal elements» they said, «Register salvage operations…taxes in kind…organize a census…»-that all sounded peaceful enough. We were just supposed to go in, scout out the land, find a base of operations, and generally get things ready for Uncle Sugar to come back to the Big Apple big time. Piece of cake…right?

Then I got to the bottom of the orders, and saw there were one or two little things the brass wanted us to find while we were in the neighborhood: a few tons of gold bars, and some trace of the last eight expeditions…

Armies of the Night is a game module for use with Twilight: 2000, GDW’s World War III role-playing game. Armies of the Night puts the players’ group into the middle of New York City two years after the nukes fell, with the mission of restoring it to government control. There are a few problems, of course…such as the fact that the city doesn’t want to be controlled…and theirs is the ninth group to be given this same mission.


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