AMP – Year One (B)


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The year is 2015 and the world is getting its first taste of super-powered individuals making themselves known all around the globe. Danger and conspiracy lurk around every corner, be it government agencies looking for the secret to these powers or other AMPs looking to battle in a show of supremacy. AMP: Year One is an RPG that puts this first year under a microscope, presented as a timeline of events that escalate to its boiling point. Players become AMPs (people with Accelerated Mutant Potential), as is their birthright, but dealing with their power isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Powered by the new DGS-Combo system, every roll of the die is packed with excitement. Players can create their own AMP and pick from over 50 unique powers or choose one of more than 20 pregenerated AMPs and jump right into the action


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