Adventure! D20 (EX)


The D20 System game of Pulp Action!

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The d20 System Game of Pulp Action!

A new era begins in the 1920s – an era of imagination, of globe-trotting exploration and mad science. An era in which excitement awaits everywhere from the lofty skyscraper penthouses of New York City, to the sweltering jungles of the Congo. It is an era of Adventure!

Heed the Call to Adventure!

Requires the use of the Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook, published by Wizards of the Coast. This product utilizes updated material from the v.3.5 revision.

In this pulp action campaign setting, you take on the role of an Inspired hero battling dastardly villains and bizarre monsters. Adventure! has rules for playing any kind of pulp hero you can think of, along with rich source material, new core and prestige classes, new feats and powers, systems for building amazing inventions and more!

Contains original fiction by acclaimed comic author Warren Ellis (The Authority, Planetary, Transmetropolitan).

Part One of the Trinity Universe game trilogy.

In this book, you play one of the Inspired, a hero capable of larger-than-life deeds and feats of amazing skill. The Inspired include daredevils, people blessed with extraordinary skill or luck; stalwarts, adventurers with physical abilities beyond the capabilites of their peers (and the precursors to Aberrant‘s novas); and mesmerists, those individuals who can employ the mysteries of the mind (and earlier incarnations of Trinity‘s psions).

Hidden Lore

Releases: Released in May, 2004. Although Adventure! was the final book in the original Storyteller run, it was the first book in the d20 System release, as the d20 books were released in chronological order. This makes Adventure! d20 the first book to be released in the world’s two most popular systems.

Aside from system changes, no notable alterations were made to the setting, the only Trinity Universe translation to remain unchanged.

This is also the first time the term «Trinity Universe» was formalized, along with getting its own logo — the closest previous books came to a term for the larger setting was Adventure!‘s use of «Æon Continuum,» which only occurred once or twice within the text.

The Cover: The cover bears the appearance of a dime-store pulp novel. The Mark Chiarello illustration depicts an adventurer resembling Howard Hughes — perhaps Max Mercer himself — with sleeves rolled up, climbing over human skeletons and giant worms (or tentacles) as he descends into a stone chamber in some forgotten ruins of the ancient world.

Art: The art is wonderfully evocative of the pulp genre, including frequent small text captions, as was common in the original literature. Many uncredited White Wolf staffers portrayed characters in photographs, including Ken Cliffe as Max Mercer, Rich Thomas as Safari Jack Tallon, Tim Avers as Hammon «Baron Halcyon» Banes, Becky Jollensten as Dr. Hephaestia «The Machinatrix» Geary-Wexler, Ed Hall as Jackson «Mister Saturday» Harley, Bruce Baugh as «The Czar» Ivan Boris Vladimir Staynskaya, and Aaron Voss as the Ubiquitous Dragon.


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